Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grampa's Journal from 1881 - January 30th

I am going to try to transcribe more of my Great-grandfather's diary from 1881. I did a little last Jan. Let's see how far I get this time. His writing is hard to read at times! ()'s are where I'm unsure of his writing, [ ]'s used when I editorialize - explain. 

Sunday, January 30, 1881
(Some more snow) Moderate
6 ~ (a.m.?)
Studied S. S lesson all this morning-saving time for chores etc.
(Misy?) A week ago we established our Sun. morning Family Prayers as
(1) Con__rt (?) - Recitation of XXIII Ps.
(2) 3V. of "Happy Land" (old)
(3) Voluntary prayer by each
(4) Con__rt (?) - Lord's Prayer

Called at Robertson's and Chrisman's; - [yet] to see Myrta C., Delia R., and Charly Judd. Dora convalescent, Delia, all but her eyes, Charly, pretty (wizney?). Called at H. H. Cobb's - Dora and Hiram conv. (converted?). They were out to S. S., so were Celie and Myra Leonard. Lou and Louise and their mother conv.'g (sic) but slowly.

Had a good turn out considering the sickness prevalent & a good time talking to the two points the ministry of the Holy spirit & the necessity of Incarnate God to the human or even angelic comprehension of deity.

Called at Theo Cobb's, and Willie Howard and likely conv. __ the baby coming down. Ev'g Pr. Mtg (evening prayer meeting) - JHC, wife, JLR and Mr. L from B._________, [Bath, NY?] Lester, Emma Webb, Irene Clark, Allison and Bruce Robb. joined in prayer. I am in for lead net month.

Monday, January 31, 1881
Mild, brooding
Started the mill @ 1:30 and 6 a.m. --
Cela washing, - I tinkering the race bank, etc.
Making approach to III art. Symbols.
Mother describing a calf on exhibition at Amsterdam, NY about 1816. which had two perfect heads, the neck dividing at the shoulder and the two heads both sucking at once, each taking a tit...
She saw it herself...
Broke a path from the graveyard gap to the dam and down the racebank to the Olmsted Road finding no leaks.
Covered the range designed for 3 Art. but may (amplify?) my notes some and add a classification etc.
Al was out to meeting yesterday for the first time.
Josiah Howe seems to be going back to his first love - attended Bapt. Convt. mtg Sat and the Bapt.s JHC and Joel give him extra boosts. If his wife would only follow.
Finished letter ZRJ and ________ to H.A.B.

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